Classes Available

Classes are offered throughout the year at Traditional Healing Arts. If you see a class below that you are interested in, or have suggestions for a class we might offer, please e-mail or call us.


The Enjoyment of Tea (2 hour class)

Discover the health benefits of the ritual of tea. We also discuss different styles and how they are processed, what to look for to ensure quality and how to decaffeinate and brew your tea for maximum enjoyment. Class includes tasting a variety of teas, including white, green, oolong, pu-erh and black teas. Come enjoy tea with us and find out which one is right for you!


All About Oolong (2 hour class)

One of our favorite styles of tea is oolong. In addition to amazing health benefits, oolong offers a complex variety of tastes. This class will explore the different types of oolong, as well as give you the opportunity to cross-taste and discover the myriad of flavors found in this style. Come and decide which type of oolong is your favorite.


Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine
(4 classes, 2 hours each)

Chinese herbal medicine has been in use for at least 3000 years. This class explores many aspects of China’s history of herbal medicine, including the development of different schools of thought still practiced today, the art of synergistic herb combining, cooking with herbs, cultivation, endangered species and modern research and Chinese medicine nutrition. Included in the course are free herb samples and tastings, and recipes to cook with herbs.